I’m ready to kick ass in 2017!


In 2016, I was blessed with the opportunity to travel over 82,000km, spread over 33 flights in total. I hope to go on more adventures and see even more of the world in 2017!

Here’s an old photo of me strolling through the streets of Stockholm, Sweden. I’m excited for my plans for 2017 and can’t wait to share it all with you! Have an amazing 2017, full of travels and adventure.

Your friend,



Zouk Nightclub KL: Back to Malaysia!


Malaysia, thanks again for showing me your love for magic. It will be a pleasure to be back in Kuala Lumpur this week as I perform at Zouk Nightclub KL. July and August will be full of travel, both for magic and also for some leisure and relaxing, and I promise to update you on my next adventures. In the mean time, please enjoy one of my most viewed posts, ‘6 reasons why getting lost is good for you.’

Until next time!


Tioman Island: Here we come!

Screenshot 2016-07-07 20.55.12

It has been an exciting first half of 2016 and after the success of our sold out shows at FRINGE World 2016 in Perth, Australia it was time to step away from the madness and escape to Tioman Island off the east coast of Malaysia. The Beyond Reality crew are ready for the coconuts, hammocks, cocktails, beaches and scuba diving.

Our journey will take us to Kuala Lumpur as a pitstop to meet up with magician Andrew Lee and his beautiful assistant Cindy, and together we will make the 6 hour bus and ferry ride to Tioman Island.

Photos to come shortly!

Finding music for our magic show: An interview with producer CasueL.

Casual Beyond Reality

After being able to get exclusive rights to CasueL’s captivating music for our upcoming magic and illusion show, I thought it would be great to have a quick chat to CasueL to ask him about his music. Enjoy the read!

Tell us about yourself? How did you get started in music?

I started off messing around trying to make hip hop and RNB beats in 2004, listening back to them now I’d have to say they were pretty terrible to say the least hah. It was just a hobby which I never dedicated much of myself too or took seriously at all, but I had a lot of fun doing it. I even recorded a few local hip hop artists and singers, I was fortunate to have some of my music featured on mixtapes around America as well.

I had a long break from dabbling with hip hop & RNB production, and music in general from about 2007-2012. A friend played me some tunes by Skrillex & 12th Planet, and I was immediately hooked. The really ‘out there’ sound design captivated me, and it was quite literally the moment when I said to myself “This is the type of music I want to be making.”

How would you describe your music and where do you find inspiration for your tracks?

My music borders between Dubstep & Trap music, it’s actually got it’s own name now known as ‘Hybrid’. I try and bring a certain type of experience to a track i make, being a huge movie and video games fan, I love flicks like Evil Dead, Transformers, and games like Silent Hill, Crysis, Mortal Kombat etc, and I tend grab samples and thematic ideas from them and put them into my music. I try to create a theme for each one so that I can drag people into it while they listen. Dark, eerie, horror is really something I’m infatuated about and I think you can hear that come through in a lot of my stuff!

Who are your biggest influences in music?

My biggest Influence at the moment would have to be Lumberjvck, he’s a bass music producer from LA and he really puts a lot of work into his sound design while still making the song sound really melodic, and he also makes some dark, ambient intros to go with it as well. Another two artists I look up to are Antiserum & Mayhem, they’re a trap music duo from the states (San Franciscio & Atlanta) thier stage presence and the way they get the crowd going is something a truly admire, and on top of that they are two of the most humble and ego free guys I’ve met in the scene, and I think those a great qualities to have in order to get you anywhere, with whatever it is you aspire to be.

What’s next for CasueL?

I’ve been pretty fortunate over the last 3 years, I’ve played main stages at Future Music festival twice now, with the likes of The Prodigy, Die Antwoord & Knife Party, my music has claimed top 10 positions on charts such as Beatport, EDM.com and Triple J Unearthed, including a Number 1 hit this year with  ‘Let Me Go’ which I coproduced with my good friend Naysu. So I’m grateful for what I’ve achieved in this time, but I’m very determined to push my music further! So I have a few things on the side I’m working on at the moment, including some music for a video game called Unreal Tournament, and I also have some new music about to release on an American based label called Pantheon.

And of course, I never thought I’d ever be asked for my music to be featured in a magic show either, so I’m honoured that you guys hit me up to be a part of it! And I really look forward to seeing it all come to life!  I feel truly blessed right now! Bring on Beyond Reality!

Please find CasueL’s music at http://soundcloud.com/casuel-1

How I faced my fear of heights by flying in an ultralight.

Travelling often gives you more time and the feeling of being liberated, feeling free and adventurous to do more things than you normally would at home. When I travel, I hardly do any shopping, rather opting in for the experiences that are a little more different to my daily grind. I’m sure you’ve gathered from my previous posts that I prefer memorable experiences over tangible objects any day.

They say you are at your most honest self while travelling abroad, your self encouraging itself to do what you actually feel like in the moment, and allowing you to desire and do the things you have always been curious about. You have no familiar faces around to judge you and you can be anything you want and do almost anything you desire. It also gives you a chance to face some of your fears!

What is one of my fears?

The fear of heights!

If you have a fear of heights, you know the feeling:

-Sweaty palms.

-Heart thumping like a beating drum.


-Weak stomach and legs and the feeling that you might trip and fall to your free-falling death.

Naturally, by having a crazy fear of heights (my body trembles even when going up escalators!) I’m even more curious about what it’s like to try and tackle this fear and face it head on – somewhat.

Nope, skydiving has not yet been crossed off my bucket list, but more recently I got to get high over Poland, literally, getting a bird’s eye view of Elk, a tiny town in Poland, while flying in a paraplane ultralight.

poland elk flying

poland elk flying

How is this different to flying in an airplane? 

You’re not in a cabin, your feet feel like they’re dangling in the sky, and you feel the wind against your face! It’s like watching a GoPro video that’s attached to a drone, but you are the camera and there’s no frame limiting what you can see.

poland elk flying

What did I discover while flying in an ultralight over Poland?

I realised that as pansy as it sounds having a fear of heights and getting nervous even when standing on an apartment balcony, I had no fear when I was immersed in nature. The beauty of flying over Poland was so overwhelming that the feeling of fear had no time and place to exist. I’ve since realised that trekking up mountains, and being amongst treetops gives such an amazing view that I don’t have time to care about how high I am above ground.

If you’re reading this and have a fear of heights, I’m not guaranteeing that flying in a paraplane will crush the fear for good, but I honestly challenge you to do it for the views, the thrill and for a split moment, being able to forget that fear.

poland elk flying

What fears do you have and have you been curious enough to tackle it head on?

And no, I’ve still not made any plans to skydive!

See you next time,

Peter Paxx

How moving to London can help your fashion career: An interview with Emma Pulbrook.

Travel is often a necessity to live out your biggest dreams.

I’m always inspired by stories about people who push their personal boundaries to do whatever it takes to live their dreams, especially when it involves moving or travelling to another city. It may be scary to commit to moving to a faraway place, but sometimes the desire to live out your biggest dreams is just too strong to ignore.

After sharing with you all how travel has helped me connect more with others around the world, especially with talented people from across the globe, I’ve recently had the pleasure of doing a mini interview with fashion stylist Emma Pulbrook, who moved to London to pursue her fashion dream. As I’m progressing along on my magic act, I’m excited to have Emma as my personal stylist to help guide, dress, garnish and glamourise me as an illusionist. No one wants to look like a dated magician from the 60s, pulling rabbits out of their top hats anymore!

Please enjoy the read, check out some of the projects that she has worked on and visit her website at www.emmapulbrook.com to see her amazing, inspiring work. I’ve also got permission from Emma to feature some of her work below, which include some of my personal favourites.

What made you move to London to pursue your fashion dream?

In London, I knew I could be my own person without being labelled by what people knew me as previously. There is freedom and flexibility to ones identity in London. It’s also is a melting pot of people all bringing forth their own ideas and experiences. It’s an inspiring, yet intimidating city.

emma pulbrook

There are fashion hubs all around the world, what makes London so special?

The fashion hubs are really in Paris, Milan, New York, and London. However, London is a great place to nurture the young designers and young talent in the industry and it’s also becoming the place where everything has a base. It can come across a lot more progressive and liberal than other cities.

emma pulbrook

What about New York and Paris?

New York can be at times too commercially focused and lacking proper creativity. Paris is generally not accepting to new talent and is a place to go once you’ve established yourself within the industry. Unfortunately Milan having a smaller population and because of the Italian economy it has suffered a little there. All the cities have their own character but I feel London is the most experimental and also has the heritage brands such as Burberry or Savile Row. It’s also the biggest city in Europe so it’s great to be inspired by other areas of creativity rather than just the fashion side of things. There are loads of other cool cities in Europe too like Berlin and Antwerp which have cool fashion scenes and being based in London makes everything a lot more accessible allowing me to be inspired whenever I visit another city.

emma pulbrook

Thanks for your time Emma! I’m sure there are many readers who also dream of making the big move to live out their wildest dreams. How can readers connect with you?

You can reach me at my website but I’m also on Twitter (@epulbrook) and on Instagram (@emmapulbrook)!

Hope you all enjoyed the read. I’ll be updating you all on my work with Emma as I too live out my dreams.

Peter Paxx

Magic Update: Houdini and the disappearing elephant

In 1918, Houdini made an elephant disappear in New York. What if you reversed the concept and applied a modern touch?

I’m filled with joy right now as my new project has officially begun. Rather than making something rather significant disappear, I’m looking at reversing the methods to make a sports car appear live on stage.

Will keep you all updated!

elephant houdini 1918

Yours magically,

Peter Paxx

Blog Update: I’ve connected with readers from 20 different countries!

What country are you in right now as you’re reading this post?

As I continue to look for that next destination to visit and tick off my bucket list, I’m really honoured to have now had readers visit the website from 20 different countries. If you are reading this then I am truly thankful for your time. Remember, if you see a post that you like or know someone who might, please share it with them via Facebook and Twitter.

countries visited peter paxx

Please continue to share with me ideas and what you’ll like to see next and help me colour in the map.

Your friend,

Peter Paxx

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