How I faced my fear of heights by flying in an ultralight.

Travelling often gives you more time and the feeling of being liberated, feeling free and adventurous to do more things than you normally would at home. When I travel, I hardly do any shopping, rather opting in for the experiences that are a little more different to my daily grind. I’m sure you’ve gathered from my previous posts that I prefer memorable experiences over tangible objects any day.

They say you are at your most honest self while travelling abroad, your self encouraging itself to do what you actually feel like in the moment, and allowing you to desire and do the things you have always been curious about. You have no familiar faces around to judge you and you can be anything you want and do almost anything you desire. It also gives you a chance to face some of your fears!

What is one of my fears?

The fear of heights!

If you have a fear of heights, you know the feeling:

-Sweaty palms.

-Heart thumping like a beating drum.


-Weak stomach and legs and the feeling that you might trip and fall to your free-falling death.

Naturally, by having a crazy fear of heights (my body trembles even when going up escalators!) I’m even more curious about what it’s like to try and tackle this fear and face it head on – somewhat.

Nope, skydiving has not yet been crossed off my bucket list, but more recently I got to get high over Poland, literally, getting a bird’s eye view of Elk, a tiny town in Poland, while flying in a paraplane ultralight.

poland elk flying

poland elk flying

How is this different to flying in an airplane? 

You’re not in a cabin, your feet feel like they’re dangling in the sky, and you feel the wind against your face! It’s like watching a GoPro video that’s attached to a drone, but you are the camera and there’s no frame limiting what you can see.

poland elk flying

What did I discover while flying in an ultralight over Poland?

I realised that as pansy as it sounds having a fear of heights and getting nervous even when standing on an apartment balcony, I had no fear when I was immersed in nature. The beauty of flying over Poland was so overwhelming that the feeling of fear had no time and place to exist. I’ve since realised that trekking up mountains, and being amongst treetops gives such an amazing view that I don’t have time to care about how high I am above ground.

If you’re reading this and have a fear of heights, I’m not guaranteeing that flying in a paraplane will crush the fear for good, but I honestly challenge you to do it for the views, the thrill and for a split moment, being able to forget that fear.

poland elk flying

What fears do you have and have you been curious enough to tackle it head on?

And no, I’ve still not made any plans to skydive!

See you next time,

Peter Paxx


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