How travel helped me connect more with others and made me a better learner.

Travel allows me to open up to the world and forces me to learn new things. In a world that is so diverse and with so many experiences to immerse myself in, travel has reminded me time and time again that there are many creative people out there.

Amongst everything that I’ve learnt so far, it has taught me an important skill:

The willingness to share my own stories and in return the eagerness to listen and learn from the stories of others.

I’m passionate about seeing the world and performing magic, and I enjoy talking about it and sharing it with like-minded people. By meeting different people around the world, I’m reminded that although the world is a big place, we are more connected that you think. Email, Skype, iPhones, iPads allow us to connect with people who are further away and in many more ways. I can stay in contact with fellow travellers that I’ve met on my journeys and it is even easier now to bond with others even before meeting them for the first time. Visualise for a second that it is 1857, when commercial flight didn’t exist. We had the railroads and it took over a month to get from New York to California. Nowadays, I can google search someone who is on the other side of the world and start a conversation over email in a heartbeat.

So if travel has taught me to connect with others, who have I connected with recently?

In the past 3 months, in order to fine tune my magic act I’ve connected with a fashion stylist in London, a fitness coach in Melbourne (I need to be fitter and more agile to vanish quicker!) and a magic consultant in Singapore (yes, magic consultants do exist. Think of the movies ‘The Prestige’ starring Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale and ‘Now you See Me’ – they used magic consultants to come up with the illusions that are displayed in the films.)

The fashion stylist, Emma Pulbrook (, who I will interview for a future blog post (and has travelled alongside me) has helped me with my image and styling to define my look. In order to be a magician, I first must look like one!

koh phan ngan full moon party bucket redbull vodka

(Here’s Emma and me on the island of Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand celebrating the Full Moon Party, one of the biggest beach parties in the world! Those buckets are filled with RedBull syrup and Vodka.)

My fitness coach Paulo has guided me through a weight loss programme and helped me invent the Magician’s Diet. I needed to become more agile in order to execute my illusions with lightning speed. Through this learning process I was able to devise a diet that I hope to share with you soon. How does losing 14kg (30 pounds) while eating ice cream, Oreos and hot dogs sound? More on this later!

Lastly, to ensure that I have the right guidance to perfect my illusions, I reached out to a magic consultant who has worked with international illusionists on both National TV shows and live tours across the globe. I also connected with two world class illusionists to discuss some of their own personal creations.

The world is a big place, but through travelling, it has taught me to continue to learn from others and not be bounded by borders. It has also reminded me that there will always be so much more to learn if we open ourselves up to the world.

What is your passion or hobby and who could you learn from today by connecting with them?

We sometimes have to remove our ego, be willing to learn in order to progress forward. Please share with me any stories that you have and I hope we all continue to be better learners and listeners.

Yours Magically,

Peter Paxx


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