Would you pay $27 for a Bacon and Egg breakfast (and a free hotel room)?

I find that many little things inspire me to travel and see more of the world around us. On the other hand my friends think I give in too easily to find any excuse to pack my bags and explore a little.

I recently asked my colleagues how much they would pay for a bacon and egg breakfast, with coffee and juice and a serve of fruit, and to make it a little harder I stipulated that the venue needed to have a nice view. If you know me I like playing “What If’s…”

The most common answer was around $20 (AUD). The highest bid I got was $27 but the friend said it “better be a good damn bacon and egg!” I also agreed on the price point of $27 and so came about the next idea.

I used that figure as a challenge and asked myself, “where in the world could I find a nice place to stay that provided a bacon and egg breakfast?” In other words, I was thinking “if I’m willing to pay $27 for a breakfast meal, what if I found a hotel that cost $27 a night (and the bacon and egg came free). Or the optimist in me twisted the words and said:

“What if I paid $27 for the breakfast and the ROOM came FREE.”

A quick google search found a place that I could visit over a weekend. I feel fortunate that Indonesia is only a 3 hour flight from Perth, Australia. The first place I found locked in the deal.


That’s the view from my bungalow balcony. It’s in an isolated part of Uluwatu, popular spot for surfers on the island of Bali, Indonesia.

Of course to get to Bali meant paying for a flight but I was so curious as to what $27 could get me that the flight cost didn’t bother me. I booked and stayed there the next weekend. Being realistic I didn’t expect 5 Stars, a butler or 10,000 thread count silk. I do love luxury but at the same time I’m always up for a challenge and a chance to wander to some place different. In this case, it ticked the two criteria that I needed as a reason to get away: a great breakfast and an unbeatable view.

outside_bungalow_uluwatu   (Photo: Merta Sari Bungalows)

What inspires you to travel and what has surprised you in terms of how much “travel” you get for so little money?

Until next time,

Peter Paxx


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