Be location independent and live the life you dream.

What is your dream?

My dream is to be able to choose to be anywhere in the world at any time, while I read the news on my MacBook Pro and sip on a locally brewed coffee as I watch the morning sun. Other times I may ditch my technology to find a local bookstore and read on a balcony of a tree-top bungalow, while drinking a magical Amazonian tea.

I’m starting this site as I plan the next crazy adventure and prepare for the next thrill of travel. I’ve just returned from a trip to Thailand where I rode an elephant and bamboo raft in Chiang Mai (not at the same time!), sunbathed on the island of Phuket and sipped a lychee cocktail at the top of the Banyan Tree in Bangkok. I’ve always had the inner desire to see the world and immerse myself in an environment that is different to my everyday life, and be able to share that feeling of wonder with others like me.

I have an ever-growing Bucket List that I wish to one day complete. In the mean time I’d love to share some of those experiences with you all.

I hope I can inspire you in some way and if anything, I hope that you also follow your dreams.

Peter Paxx


(Chiang Mai, Thailand 2015)


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